Muriel McKay

The Missing Body of Muriel McKay

Below, are public details of the case, and recounts by the McKay family, from more recent years.

Summer, 2021
New Information
  1. Nizamodeen Hosein was appeared on a documentary called The Wimbledon Kidnapping in the summer of 2021.
  2. Towards the end of the documentary, Nizamodeen Hosein made the public aware that there was a third brother, Adam Hosein, who was also a part of the kidnapping.
  3. Adam Hosein is Nizamodeen Hosein and Arthur Hosein's older brother.
  4. Nizamodeen Hosein was extremely scared of Adam Hosein.
  5. Adam Hosein was never charged, as he had an alibi at the time.
  6. At the end of the documentary, Nizamodeen Hosein mentions he'd one day like to find the body of Muriel McKay to give the family closure.
Nov, 2021
New Information
  1. Following the documentary, the grandson of Muriel McKay, Mark Dyer, wanted to contact Nizamodeen Hosein through a lawyer in Trinidad, Matthew Gayle.
  2. Mark Dyer's intention was to help find his grandmother’s remains so that she could have a proper burial before her birthday, the 4th of February.
  3. In November of 2021, Nizamodeen Hosein was approached by Matthew Gayle, on behalf of the McKay family.
  4. The McKay family offered Nizamodeen Hosein $50,000 US dollars to confirm the location of Muriel McKay's remains.
  5. The McKay family even offered to pay for a Nizamodeen Hosein's lawyer's retainer, in order to receive the settlement of $50,000 US dollars.
  6. Nizamodeen Hosein signed the settlement agreement, however, did not wish to accept the money from the family — as he wished to help the McKay family locate Muriel McKay's remains before he himself passed away.
Dec, 2021
New Information
  1. Matthew Gayle worked closely with Nizamodeen Hosein's lawyer in order to try find the burial site.
  2. Nizamodeen Hosein was even shown CGI virtual reality structures of the former Rook's Farm, which had changed significantly since 1969.
  3. In December of 2021, Nizamodeen Hosein, the only sole surviving kidnapper, also began to tell the press that Muriel McKay died of a heart attack, whilst watching details of her case unfold on television — which was new information. WHAT WE KNOW NOW: Muriel McKay was forced some hard drugs whilst captive by her kidnappers — likely causing a heart attack. These drugs were provided to the kidnappers by Liley Mohammed.
  4. Finally, the McKay family had some hope that they had a rough area to search the farm with.
Jan, 2022
New Information
  1. Dianne McKay, daughter of Muriel McKay rushed to Stocking Farm, formally known as Rooks Farm, with her lawyer.
  2. The current owner of the farm dismissed Dianne McKay, stating that he would only be open to helping should the police be involved.
  3. The McKay family, desperate to uncover Muriel McKay's remains, reconnected with Scotland Yard, in order to tell them the new information.
Apr, 2022
New Information
  1. Dozens of detectives and officers arrived at Stocking Fam, formally known as Rook's Farm, to act on the new potential burial information.
  2. The police did not obtain a search warrant to carry out the search. They only obtained permission from the landowner to search a restricted area. As a result of this, the search did not go fully to plan. The officers did not dig in the right place.
  3. The UK police contacted Nizamodeen Hosein whilst undercover at the site, however, there were various connection issues and Nizamodeen Hosein was becoming more confused.
  4. One of the undercover police officers broke cover, causing Nizamodeen Hosein to have a seizure and therefore ending the search operation.
  5. Muriel McKay's body was not found.
Nov, 2023
New Information
  1. In a last effort, Dianne McKay and Mark Dyer continue talks with Nizamodeen Hosein.
  2. The McKay family arranged with the help of Matthew Gayle, to obtain a passport for Nizamodeen Hosein with the hope that his deportation order would be lifted so he could attend the UK and help uncover Muriel McKay’s remains.

    Letter from Nizamodeen Hosein to Suella Braverman.

  3. Nizamodeen Hosein provided a full written admission to the Home Secretary, Suella Braverman.
Dec, 2023
New Information
  1. The McKay family created a petition, in order to get the Home Office to grant Nizamodeen Hosein entry into the UK so that he could help to uncover Muriel McKay's remains.
  2. A formal affidavit is signed by Nizamodeen Hosein with the hope that the Home Office can understand his admission and allow him to visit the UK for a short period to identify the location of Muriel McKay's remains so that the McKay family can finally obtain some closure.